compliance - I'm on section 3 on an acute ward.
Posted by Capz
12th Sep 2014

I'm in a state of conflict, confusion, complexed and compelled to question the very fragments of my life. Given the scientific stance of an atom being the basic building block of an object which can be seen, held, touched and experienced, what then gives creation to meaning and existence? I was told by a consultant psychiatrist, a medical doctor, a mental health nurse, a psychologist and a health care assistant that I should be compliant with what they say and their treatment plan. If I comply with the unwritten and unspoken rules of what the health professionals regard as 'normal' and 'acceptable', my ticket to freedom is a given! Such compliance is considered a success to the prescribed treatment regime and it adds substance to the evidence base so that health professionals can continue with these practices in a quest for medical excellence.

I can comply, I can comply without protest. After all, compliant behavior allows the smooth running of the ward, it fuels the successful efforts of the nursing staff that, they are managing and treating that patient well. By complying to these socially constructed rules I am considered 'fit, stable and healthy', one with no risk to self or to others. I am therefore 'allowed' to be part of society again as a citizen and I can triumph in freedom, simply because I have complied.

I feel not at ease though, I am curious if I do not comply what the consequences will be? If I do not accept their view of reality, their rules, their reasoning of what is right or wrong, by being non-compliant and deviating from the so called 'norm' what label will I be given and how will I deprived of my liberties?

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