Posted by Funkie1
5th Sep 2014

Some days I just want to scream, I am here! It's me, Sara Ester Castaldo! I am not invisible! It's true, I look in the mirror and I don't exactly see "me", the one I used to be! She has more wrinkles, she has more lines, she is not quite so refined. But I still see a bit of a sparkle in her eyes, although time has done quite a number on her life. Why is youth so revered and people "of age" are laughed at, useless and made to feel less than? I never felt this way before but I notice it as I walk through the stores. I just don't count anymore! I have become irrelevant! This angers me, I am the same person I used to be! Why won't someone listen to me! Why is youth, good looks and a nice physique valued so, it barely matters what you know! Well as a matter of fact I have learned a lot!, life has kicked me in the ass, and I have not given up, I refuse, I Am Not IRRELEVANT!

Take That Depression!
Take That Old Age!

Enough Said!

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