Posted by mrrichardscorer
4th Sep 2014

I have SEVERE TARDIVE DYSKINESIA ( I had previously written a blog regarding my condition and story but it has been lost ! ) My doctors/Consultants have tested me on numerous drugs in a bid to control my movements (which they are sure will ease my ANGER ISSUES) without success. Now I am going too a consultation regarding a drug called CLOZAPINE I have been reading about TD and Clozapine for some time now and I am not convinced. Clozapine has a bad history and a list of unwanted side effects.... IS THERE SOMEBODY OUT THERE WHO HAS HAD A SUCCESSFUL EXPERIENCE WITH CLOZAPINE or maybe it's been a waste of time and effort like everything else?. My GP has said nobody knows how to really treat this condition, so we are all Guinea Pigs.... RICHARD

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