Posted by waynemyles04
28th Aug 2014

This is a exert from a poem which Im currently working on. Eventually I would like this poem to be accompanied by illustrations. I would like the finished piece of work to communicate some of the challenges faced by people suffering from mental illness.


It feels like fractures in my brain. Leaves me with an itchy feeling I can't scratch. What really scares me is the demons inside getting out. Sometimes they get out and I do something bad. As I walk down the street and people push by their faces are blank apart from their eyes glowing like burning coals.
People treat me different even before they know about the cracks in my head. I have no place of my own, moving on with no fixed abode. Wherever I stay the walls close in and people are at the windows with burning eyes. Some try to help. I have a social worker who keeps me off the streets. He can only do so much. He says that talking helps but that only lasts for a while, beforeÖ. they come back.

I feel the crack in my head and I try my hardest not to let anything out. No blood is shed but my eyes turn red. Itís night. Before I go to bed I realise Iíve run out of the blue pills. Creeping under the covers, as the shadows on wall grow tall. I try to be brave but they keep on growing. Their claws are out, stretching; just as they are about to touch they disappear. Banging and thumping coming from the other rooms. An argument, doors slamming. Someone outside...whistling to the room above me. A kick on the front door then silence. I try to will my mind through the crack of light under the door to somewhere I feel no more. Just have to get through the night.

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