Needing to speak
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20th Aug 2014

I've been off medication for nearly two years. I went back to work at the same time, even though this wasn't encouraged by the MHU, I felt very lost in the system and my then new boyfriend helped me to make some very big leaps. He got me a part time job and very quickly I had two jobs, then I got a better job and still worked other places, I was so proud of myself. I wasn't confident that I could handle it always worried id slip back, I did well. Four months ago his step mother was offered a pub to run, we helped set it up and was offered one of the flats upstairs, he hadn't moved from our home in 10 years and he was nervous, I move loads it would be great to make a fresh start as we had a aggressive homeless person living in the porch. We was offered the club next to the pub to run. This Saturday it finally opens properly . I can't cram in everything I feel I need to say about the situation, but in a nut she'll we are both end of tether. I want to grab him and our dog and run away. His step mother is an emotional drain and stirs trouble her boyfriend is controlling. Everyone else here is feeling trapped. There's constant drama, I feel like I'm fighting the world.
I'm working 80 hours per week, we both are trying our hardest but I don't think I can keep it up much longer, I don't know what to do

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