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14th Aug 2014

A SANE supporter wished to share this blog anonymously.

When I was younger (teenager)  I never really understood the term "depression" and thought it was what adults used when off work as an excuse (this was the image provided by the media at the time.)
Then a few years ago my mum was diagnosed with depression just after my one of my closest friends, and I was admit that  there had to be one trigger, fix that and fix them. This was a very nieve thought and after researching the illness I understood it better and was able to support them.
Last year I completely broke down shut myself away from my family, friends, work and my husband. But I couldn't understand why I was so unhappy and having "thoughts". (I couldn't find my trigger). The doctor diagnosed me with depression straight away, but afraid of the stigma at work I ignored their advice and carried on as "normal". After another couple of months my husband found me in an uncontrollable state and got me immediate help. This time I listened and took action.  Instead of hiding away I went into work told my colleagues what was happening (lots of tears). But from that one action and that one sentence "I am suffering with depression and getting help" I felt that relief. In that room everyone's barriers dropped, others had or were going though it too, I wasnt treated like a leppa (this is how I had thought in my teenage years).  I can't lie and say it was a quick wonder treatment, as I still have good and bad days, but the good days are outweighing the bad ones by far, I know my stages and so does my inner circle.


Please do not shut yourself away, the Nhs have some great services, most companies do too, speak to someone be it someone you know or a support charity like SANE, there is always someone who cares close by please never forget that.


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