Reaching Out
Posted by Funkie1
26th Jul 2014

This is my very first blog and I thought long and hard about what I would say. I wanted to think about a time in my life when I reached out and to my suprise there was someone there to hold my hand.
I had just taken my teenage daughter to an appointment and I walked by this beautiful welcoming salon. I had not done anything for me in such a long time. Also I was feeling just awful about my looks, my hair was turning gray and it was so much easier to take it and put it a ponytail, trust me not a good look! Well later that evening, or should I say early the next morning when I could not sleep I looked up the salon to see what I could find out about it. I saw their email address and I thought, what do you have to lose! So I wrote them a letter explaining my situation, I was a stay at home Mom who suffered from Chronic Pain and Depression and things were very rough, I was getting our food at the pantry next door. I asked if they ever did any work out in the community for people who could not afford to pay. All the time thinking this is so stupid Sara they will think you are some sort of crazy person! I also told I'm how old I felt with my current non hair style, much older than my 53 years. Then I held my breath and sent it knowing I would never get a response! Well the next day I checked my email and to my suprise there was an email from someone by the name of Michael. He gave me is phone number and asked me to call him so we could discuss my email. Well I was so afraid and nervous but some how I picked up the phone and called. His tone was so welcoming and sweet, he asked what exactly I would like done to my hair and told me to be honest and not leave anything out. So I told him! All he asked is if I could afford a few dollars to give the person who would do my hair a tip. So about a week after the call I went in and met Michael. He was so nice and welcoming. He introduced me to the Paula and she was going to do my hair. She washed it, cut it, colored it and gave me beautiful highlights. Be hen I went up to the desk to "check out" I felt so uncomfortable, I had never done anything like this before! When Michael saw me he immediately had this great big smile on his face and told me how beautiful I liked. I almost believed him! I told him I did not know how I would ever repay him and he said "your smile is repayment enough!" I felt on top of the world, a feeling that was extremely rare in my life! That was the beginning if our friendship! It still felt uncomfortable but Michael insisted I come in every couple of months. Also when my daughter started High School and wanted a different, cool hair color and style he forced me to have her come in, it was a great experience for all of us! Everyone had great big smiles on their faces! I have never been one for reaching it, I rarely disclosed to anyone about my severe depression, I was ashamed. However, this taught me that taking a chance now and then and showing the real you could be an amazing experience!

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