Flowers on the Swastika
Posted by Andyroo59
25th Jul 2014

I haven't any experience at writing blogs in the conventional way, so this the symbolic way I am looking back at 24th January 2013. Somewhere the nurse who greeted me into Priority House, Maidstone, exists, but I can't remember her name.

On the blackest
Day of days,
A sign appeared
Inside my head,
A cross with four sharp daggers,
A symbol for to dread.
But an angel knelt in front of me,

And said....

"Hello Sweetheart,
Would you like a cup of tea?"

Then in the days that followed,
Those sharp lines bent into curves,
And to set my spirit free,
Flowers grew on the swastika,
And it changed
Into the spiral of the universe,
And infinity.
It was a sign,
That once was for millenniums,
A symbol soft, benign,
But was stolen,
By a master race,
From those,
Who wore a peaceful face.
If one day someone gentle,
Reads these tiny words of mine,
I write this verse for thee;
And also for that angel,
That once did make me tea.

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