Borderline diagnosis: My journey.
Posted by itshannahsday
23rd Jun 2014

Hello All,

Here is my second video in the borderline journals, on request that i talk about my personal account of being diagnosed with borderline personality disorder :)) I'll put a link to video at the bottom of this message :)
Although i talk about my personal story, i try to discuss some of the obstacles i faced, and how i worked through them, so if you are going through a similar experience, you may be able to take advice or relate to some of my experiences. I very much tried to give an open, honest account of the success and failures, ‘on my part’ and the ‘NHS’, or, if i where to go back, and advise my younger self, what i may have done differently. i did this to try and help those who may be searching for answers or needing comfort, while going through the mental health system in the NHS, as this is a complex, difficult and sometimes frustrating process. But i believe there may be many of us going through these exact experience’s (although maybe slightly different) all at the same time.
I really do want to support those who may face these same challenges as me, or those who don’t know where to turn next or maybe even prevent someone from making the same mistakes i did.

If you are in the process of being diagnosed, or just had a diagnosis or want to find a way of being diagnosed then this video may help you in an indirect way. i am planning on going through this subject again, in more objective and informative way, as this is just my personal account of my experiences.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me, either through personal message or in the comment section below, what ever you feel happy with, and if you did find this video helpful in anyway, please try and share this video in a place you are comfortable with in the hope of helping others.

Thank you very much,
All my best,
Hannah xx

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