Posted by dirkgently1066
15th May 2014

This is what anxiety feels like to me...

I couldn't understand what the fuss was all about. The other glasses had warned me to be careful, to not take too much. But they were just feeble tumblers, I was a pint glass.

I barely noticed the first few drops, they didn't even cover the bottom. Even when it progressed to a slow trickle, I laughed at the old tumblers and half pinters quivering in the corner, warning me to be careful. What did they know?

I opened myself to the steady stream, drinking in the wonderful liquid, filling myself hungrily, greedily, always wanting more.

It reached half way. That was just about perfect. A nice level but with plenty of room left.

But it didn't stop.

The drips kept coming. They were getting faster now, the flow increasing. My earlier confidence started to waver, replaced by concern as the level continued to rise, past mid way now, rising further and further. The drips became a steady flow, pouring into me now. I was reaching my limit, reaching the point of no return, I would soon overflow, I couldn't do anything to stop it, to hold back the flow.

And then the flow stopped. I was full. I could not take any more. Just one more drop would send me flowing over the edge. I had to tip some away, to empty myself, give myself room. The old tumblers and half pinters had warned me but I refused to listen. I had to know best. How wrong I had been.

Then I saw it. One more drop. Falling, falling...

And I overflowed. The drip became a flood, spilling water down my sides, a non stop torrent that I could not hold back. It was too much, I couldn't cope, the flow was too strong.

I fell. My side cracked against the unforgiving steel of the sink. Finally the water emptied, draining down the plughole and I was emptied.

But it was too late. I was broken.

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