Speaking out about mental illness
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14th May 2014

For #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek, our media volunteer Laura Humphreys explains why she is so passionate about raising awareness of her mental ill-health.

Speaking out about mental illness is deeply important to me, and as long as I have breath in my body I will fight to get the conditions anxiety, agoraphobia, emetophobia and self-harm better understood through the only way I know how – by sharing my experiences and speaking out to anyone and everyone who will listen. 

I'm a media volunteer and have done newspaper, magazine, TV and radio work, trying to raise awareness primarily of life with anxiety and agoraphobia. I've also been writing a blog about my mental health for over a year now, which covers my wider experiences of mental illness. It can be a difficult read occasionally, but the feedback has always been overwhelmingly positive; just through sharing my experiences, it has inspired others and given them hope and encouragement to fight for their dreams and ambitions.

I suffered and was fobbed off as an attention seeker for seven years, from the age of 7 through to 14, when I ended up having a breakdown. I don't want anyone else to go through the experience of not being understood, of not being listened to; it's that which can destroy the life of someone who is fighting just to see each day through.

Everyone has mental health, any one of us can develop mental ill-health, and it's time the world accepted this as easily as they accept physical illness as part of life.

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