OCD and me
Posted by Bethan1423
1st May 2014

I suffered from OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder for 3 years and it was extremely debilitating, but now 3 years on I am totally OCD free, I went through high and lows,however it is possible to recover!
I went through lots of different treatment to try and tackle the OCD, my main OCD issues was having an intense fear of germs, a fear of making others ill and consequently resulting in their deaths.
I went out less and less, I didn't go to school often,but when I did I would be having to wipe desks, making sure no one touched me, applying hand gel excessively etc but what was the hardest was my fear of public toilets, for 2 years I could not use a public toilet, meaning I could not leave the house for more than 2 hours, and had to come home from school to use the toilet.
I want to let other people know who are suffering from this that it is possible to get better and that there is such a thing as life with OCD, something that I could have not even imagined when I was ill!
I hope that sharing my story will help break the stigma and I want other people who have this condition to realize that it's not a tunnel with no end, you can get better and you will.
Please share this to create awareness and for the people with OCD, I believe in you and I believe you will beat this, just take everyday as it comes.

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