Lights brighter on the road to recovery .....
Posted by Beef
1st May 2014

The lights brighter and I'm getting through.I have the odd wobble here and there but they're getting less and less ,when I actually stop and think about it.
I liken it to the iconic flight of the Wright brothers . We're up , were down , oh no, it's up again , it's down ................. We're flying !!!
Recovery is a long slog and being kind to yourself is a must , from early nights , good food and regular exercise, to allowing yourself to have a blow out on the odd occasion . Balance is the key and that's hard to do ,especially with the black dog ( I call it Winston or the Churchill's ) sitting on your head!!
Stay strong , I'm saying that as much for anybody that reads this ,and admittedly to myself as well.
Depression is a utter shit ,but ,with time it does , eventually get a little better and the light gets brighter .

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