Dont look too closely
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15th Apr 2014

Don't Look To Closely
You look around and you say I am so strong,
not seeing the person I hide trying to keep from getting hurt.
I put up a smile and make you believe I am
not anymore than what the eye can see, I
don't let you see my tears because I don't
want you to think I'm weak.
I play games and you think me the perfect
person, if you only knew the one that hides
and never stops hurting.
I light up at all the jokes I hear, but it never
can really make any sense to me how people
can be so full of cheer, and yet again in my
heart I cry another tear made up of all my fears.
I try to believe that my life has been cut from a
cloth, that the true meaning of my existence is
just around the corner to see. But yet again
another tear I cry leaving me blinded in my life.
Do you see the fear I have am I good enough to
hide my pain? Am I yet another loser at even hiding
me? And here I sit and cry another tear because now
I am consumed with fear that once again I have failed
you now see I am weak and this I never wanted you to

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