The Story of the Fortress
Posted by Fortress
10th Apr 2014

The magnificent fortress gave the impression of grandeur and solidarity. From a distance this imposing vision could stir feelings of both respect and awe. However, under closer inspection it was obvious to see that the fortress had endured many sieges which had left the mortar between the bricks thin and there was evidence of bad repair in many of the structural walls.

Many passer-bys continue to believe that such a structure still provides for the needs of its dependants through its confidence, pride and sheltering properties. But, if you can fight your way through the defending walls, a very different image reveals itself. The stain-glass windows show signs of neglect, where once there were designs born of creativity and imagination, thick dust hides its beauty. The titled mosaic floors are cracked and chipped. Repair work has been attempted, but their prefect appearance will never return.

Wandering the turrets and inner buildings, it's obvious to see that this fortress was created with love and care but after many years of barrage, its inhabitants had given up and the once glorious monument has been left lifeless and empty. Within the catacombs, parts of the Fortress' foundations have collapsed in on themselves making it unstable. To see such a symbol of strength transformed into a weak structure is heart breaking.

The fortress has tried to attract new inhabitants and has had some luck in the past. For a few months at a time, work to restore the fortress has succeeded, but once one area of this vast space starts to improve another starts to self destruct. It can feel like a lost cause at times and hope is thin that the fortress will ever recover.

There are questions as to whether this decrepit structure still has a place in today's generation, with so many new, less complex projects available. If the barriers to entry were easier to penetrate then the truth of the building's vulnerability could been seen, and I'm sure many would help to restore the fortress's beauty. But this is a very proud building and it symbolises strength and perseverance against the odds. To see vulnerability could change the very meaning of its existence. But if the fortress could face its fears, muster its confidence and find a new purpose, there is hope yet of restoring this great beauty.

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