Peace, acceptance and living the dream
Posted by CML1982
28th Mar 2014

Suddenly, I've been overwhelmed to share what I'm currently feeling.

A lot of healing and strengthening has taken place over the last few weeks.

Last month, I was in a really good place. I truly feel in a much better place this month.

Crippling anxiety and chronic depression are, thankfully, a very distant memory.

Today, life is vibrant. I'm in good health. I'm exercising. I eat a good diet. I'm coping very well with working life. My relationships are exceptionally good. I'm surrounded by amazing people. Life is exciting, and things interest me greatly: It is also very balanced. I find quiet time also and have plenty of rest.

Next week, I travel to Italy. I'll be exploring the Amalfi coast and the island of Capri. Previously, I thought it was not possible for me to do something like this. A part of me would think I was undeserving of such an experience. On other occasions I was far too ill to make such a trip. It was all an extremely distant and almost impossible dream.

Now, I am well. Extremely well! I have manifested the funds for the trip. I've created the free time. I'm travelling to, and exploring a part of the world simply because it is a dream of mine to do so. I've made it all possible.

Everything, absolutely everything that has occurred in my life, has got me here. This is acceptance, this is peace.

I'll end this blog with a quote by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe "Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it."

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