School Counselling
Posted by Aster
26th Mar 2014

Hey Everyone,
So this is the first time I've ever written a blog, so i hope i dont bore you to death...!

Firstly I would like to talk about a topic which has been bothering me for a while, and has actually inspired my a level english language coursework: School counselling and mental health....

so i have had 2 friends who have gone to see the school counselor, and both have had diagnosed problems (social anxiety, manic depression etc) however it has taken them months to get seen by the counselor, and i was just wondering if this has also been the case for anyone else, or whether it is just my school.

Another problem - which has made me hang back from seeing them myself - is that they take you out of your lessons to have sessions, even though in sixth form we have at least 5 free periods a week. I simply cannot afford to give up one of my lessons, no matter how bad i think i am getting mentally. my grades seem to be the most important thing to me at the moment, and i know that sounds cliche but it seems like my whole future depends on me getting those As and Bs in the summer!

I understand the extreme pressure that school counselors are under (90,000 cases per year) but surely that figure should trigger the employment of more counselors to be able to carry the load.

I would appreciate any feedback/personal experiences you have had with any form of school counselling, positive and negative! i am very interested to see if my school is having he same problems as everyone else!

Bye for now -

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