Disappearing support
Posted by Debsss
16th Mar 2014

It seems that more and more cuts are being made such a great worry to people suffering ill mental health.
My last visit was once again by a junior doctor i am never fortunate enough to see my psychiatrist he's always somewhere else.
Recently i was very ill in fact i'm lucky to be here so i am told i discharged myself from hospital where i was being treated for my physical well being.
When i returned home i knew i needed to be hospitalised due to my mental health i suffered at home alone with a few visits from the home treatment team i had nothing in the house no food even essentials such as milk bread etc i went hungry but not feeling like eating was i suppose a bonus.
I never got to see a psychiatrist until about five weeks later.
During my last appointment I was told that there will no longer be a home treatment team the service is no longer and the crisis team at my local hospital are gone too, ,they where a great help in getting me to hospital when i needed it.
I asked what help there now was left to which the answer was you can phone here up to five pm..........
I now realise that living alone poses such great risk as you have no one to spot the signs of deterioration and lapse into acute illness......................
These cuts are cruel and harsh and effect the most vulnerable people in society those alone with mental illness.

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