Positive Things That Social Anxiety Has Taught Me
Posted by KellyJ
28th Feb 2014

Positive things that social anxiety has taught me;

----------- *To be grateful for every little social encounter that I have*

I donít expect my friends to remember every thing they have ever done with me or every occasion that they have spent time with me because I recognise that their social experiences have been far frequent and far more richer than mine. I remember every single social situation I have ever been in, because there a fewer for me to draw from.

I am grateful for my time spent with any person, and Iím also grateful for all of the small things Iíve become more able to do such as catching a bus or walking into a shop alone with confidence.

----------- *A different view of the world*

My anxieties forced me to question why we live the way we do and how stressful modern society life is on the average human being. It's a known fact that at least 9.7 in 100 people in Britain have mixed anxiety and depression alone. This is definitely a reflection on our modern culture.

Even our diets have a lot to blame. Which has led me to a lot of research and a whole new perspective.

----------- *Nature is amazing*

Being surrounded by nature really is the most positive, healing thing you can do.

Our bodies crave it.

As a society we donít get enough of the nature our brains need and that causes us a lot of harm.

My social anxiety is diminished when I get myself lost in nature, I appreciate it so much more because of that.

----------- *My confidence is real*

I donít know how many times a person has confessed to me that their confidence is a front because Iíve mentioned my social anxiety. Itís quite remarkable how many people are so good at faking it.
All of the confidence I have has been learnt, through exercises, therapy and years of practice. That means the confidence I do have is completely real and not faked whatsoever.

When Iím not feeling confident, it shows, and slowly but surely Iím becoming accepting of that and know that I can keep learning how to be more and more confident as time passes.

----------- *Iím strong and hard working*

Overcoming anxieties of any kind, never mind social, are VERY hard work.

It requires facing your very worst fears every single day, and not just once.

Imagine youíre a person with arachnophobia having buckets of tarantulas thrown at you every time you leave the house or see another person or answer the telephone, but had to learn to accept the tarantulas and be confident and positive every time the tarantulas are thrown at you. Itís scary as hell!

It can be exhausting on the mind, to consistently learn how to do things that are totally unnatural to you. You can feel angry and defeated sometimes when you have set backs, you can also start to despise the fact youíre having to change for a social world that doesnít make sense to you.

People who go out there and try and try and try again despite set backs and fears and confusion are strong people. A social anxiety disorder may seem weak to some people, but I can tell you that the person who battles it everyday is anything but weak.

----------- *Thinking positively*

Even when youíre having the worst panic attack of your life and youíre shrouded by a complete negative thought cycle it means you are still in a situation that scares you or are contemplating being in one. Which is a pretty damn brave and positive thing if you ask me.

To keep putting yourself in positions where you know that your condition will make you feel ill to your very core, means that you are still willing to keep going and keep trying. That is actually quite a positive thing. So keep going, keep trying.

I have always been the kind of person to keep getting back on the horse when I fall down, or keep putting myself in scary situations even if it made me feel like absolute crap the first, second, hundredth time.

While the thoughts in my head during a panic attack are mostly negative, I rarely avoid situations because of them these days and even if I do, I will find my way back to them and try again at another point. I know that I want to be a better version of myself, and itís the positivity inside me that drives me to keep going.

----------- *How to be kinder to people*

Over the years, having been through lots of life experiences both good and bad, I have come to understand a lot more about humans. It makes me more open to peoples issues and I think social anxiety especially has made me into an even more friendly person.

When I socially interact with other people I try to remember they have fears and anxieties just as everyone does. Anxiety is not exclusive to people with anxiety disorders. We ALL worry.

----------- *When itís good, itís really good*

Most importantly, when youíve been rock bottom many times and you know how it really is to struggle, you appreciate the good in life so much more than you would have otherwise. So enjoy and appreciate it.


I encourage you all to recognise the positive side to having lived with a social anxiety disorder. Not to let those positive things give you an excuse not to help yourself or progress, but for the self esteem boost you all most definitely need.

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