Battling Bulimia
Posted by lizziedore33
18th Feb 2014

When it first started, I never expected it to get this far. I thought, maybe once a week? My sister once told me it was a 'slippery slope'. I should have listened. Now it's up to 3-5 times a day. Maybe once on a good day. To top it all off, my bulimia has led to depression, and occasionally, self-harm. I feel hated, unwanted, useless, and fat.

Today is a good day. I haven't eaten apart from an apple. I'm home alone, and no one is here to upset me. No one even knows I have bulimia, which is probably worse, and I'm scared of what I'm going to become. I have taken to obsessively playing guitar until my fingers are blistered and bleeding, and actually, strangely, it's helping.

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