it runs in the family... right??? (TRIG)
Posted by hayley-mia1
7th Feb 2014

hi guys, im new so probably doing this all wrong but its therapy so thanks for reading...

so my story?! where to begin!!... ive had many brushes with mental illness in my lifetime. im 24 for the record... my grandad had a mental illness,i never really knew him but have heard some stories about him. im pretty sure y dad is of a strange mental make up, he doesnt have any out right illnesses, but trust me hes not your average human being. ps im allowed to take a comical view to him, hes my dad after all, n if i didnt laugh well, id be even more screwed up lol...
my two sisters have suffered mental illnesses, one had PND and one has - well were not sure what she has yet, but id say some sort of personality issues, plus insomnia and a deep seated viewthat shes incapable of being in the wrong!!!
but back to me!! the important one lol!! ( its easier to be funny!!!) i have had several problems, and the reason im here is because i thought that they had gone but i was wrong!! i used to have issues with self harm,i used to cut myself, sometimes i did it for no reason (i felt addicted) i did it for a releaseot because i was sad or down sometimes...
i also used to take pills to numb my pain.i wanted to die at my lowest point. but enough of that because i regret and wish id not done it.
im pretty sure i that my issues are genetic and to do with the issues ive faced or seen in my life!
im writing on here because i want to sort my life out and give a better life to my baby determined she will not experience the things that i have and i want her to be happy! :-)

im seeking help for anxiety at the moment, and resisting the urge to self harm again, which has for some reason unknown to me, returned!!
i believe the best therepy is talking to people,its a shame this website desnt have a private message bit cos that would be great i think...but for now sorry to you all for spamming your posts, its just that i wanna help and hope that we can get better together!! :)

i hope you all can smile today and know that i truly believe things get better.

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