high self esteem
Posted by DearYouSincerelyMe
5th Feb 2014

well, everyone reads those blogs, stories and news about how low self esteem is damaging and very common whether generally, on what is considered beauty or when your dumped and you feel you have done everything wrong.

Well I am the opposite! I have high self esteem and when something goes wrong I probably can't see my faults as much, I forgive and accept other faults just like I give myself room for my own.

When things go wrong, I KNOW i deserve so much better and can't understand why I wasn't given the respect, patience and unconditional love I seem to give to everyone else.

I search for this and all I find is how to deal with low self esteem but problems occuring on the other side of the playing field aren't talked about and your lack of control on other people's actions towards you aren't talked about.

To me this is a worse obsession than thinking I am not good enough, rather I am good enough but am I not to others.

you can change your a appearance to "look better" but if others still see you as the same whats the point.

If anyone else feels the same as me there is no good way to deal with this, it is out of your control so you must let go of control, live in the moment. you will always be disappointed at some stage but losing yourself in lost control can only cause obsession and lost time that could be better spent.

this is not a problem solver it is simply I know how you feel.

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