When is the right time for change?
Posted by Daisy Duke
20th Jan 2014

I have suffered from mental health problems since I was young to varying degrees. This episode has been going for two years now and has proven particularly difficult. I have managed to get back to work (15 hrs a week) but I really don't enjoy my job. It's not that I don't like it but it's so boring. I am quite a bright person and being an administrator just doesn't stimulate my brain or interest at all.

I saw a job advertised within my workplace for a midwife support worker. You don't need experience but be willing to undertake an NVQ in the subject, and of course be the required intelligence and mind-set. This post is 30 hrs a week so it's double what I do now. In the past I've thought about being a midwife and these posts are few and far between.

People's opinions vary so much from my mother saying I won't be able to cope with all the extra hours (she doesn't know what the job is only the hours) to my husband saying he knows I can do anything I put my mind to.

I get so confused. My illness is like I am two people and they are always arguing. One side says yes the other says no. It gets so tiring and so confusing.

A few friends and my husband think it may be beneficial and could make me much better. I hate evenings and weekends so working shifts would be good and really add a different dynamic to my life. I love looking after people and being busy which this would certainly be. I wouldn't have time to get bored.

One minute I think 'yes I can do this it will change my life' - then the other I think 'who am I kidding'.

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