Posted by Crowley
18th Jan 2014

I have just discovered the vast amount of charities out there giving help to people like me, who are suffering with a mental illness. When I first experienced my first encounter in 1988 , I don't think my doctor had any idea, I was given Prozac and sent on my merry way. Oh they were the bored housewife happy pill alright!. I laughed and laughed for a while, but the people around me who saw the bad days thought I was a crazy person, I moved from area to area, changed my jobs when I had embarrassed myself enough. It made it easy not to have to explain myself to anyone.
The is just the beginning of my 25 years with suffering with depression/PTSD , just before I close this part of my story I would just like to ask, why did it take so long for my illness to be diagnosed ? Why was there so much stigma about depression and why still do people treat it as a childish behavioural problem ? Like we spit our dummies out ! We are in so much pain ! We want help ! We want to live out our lives without the darkness that fills our minds! To be continued.......

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