Posted by Moll
15th Jan 2014

Hi everyone, my experience with mental health is as follows..
I started with panic attacks and agoraphobia in 2006 this i have been told was brought on by my job.
My illness lasted two and a half years and felt like hell.
I only had sick pay from the government for three months before i was sent for a work based assessment interview. But because of my agoraphobia i could not physically get there!
So as a consequence i was told that i would no longer be eligible for help.
After a short spell in the priory i decided enough was enough and with the help of my wonderful husband i came back to life.
I got a job and for the next five years lived a normal life. I still had the odd panic attack but was able to cope.
However in 2011 work became stressful again and i had to stop And go on the sick.
Once again i got sick pay for 3 months And was told i had to go for another assessment i asked my gp and my counsellor to write statements for me of support this they did
I sent them off to the dwp and said i was not prepared to attend the interview because they would turn me down again. Again my case was closed.
I am still unable to work in fact i have applied for and got three jobs, but i cannot physically get myself there.
I go to pieces with the pressure and end up letting these people down.
Does anyone else out there have the same problem and what have you done about it?

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