Posted by mittly
11th Jan 2014

Feeling a little better since the last blog.

Had a good session with my councellor on Monday. He's on my wavelength, which has really helped. Theres certain thoughts you think when feeling low its trying to break free from repetitive thoughts. I think my next maybe CBT. But shall I see how that goes.

I saw sun this morning. It made me feel smily. The last few weeks its been horrible weather wise hence limiting outdoor activities.The sun seems to bring out the best in me and sends positive energy through the body. Ive not looked forward to things for a while, but today I feel I can't wait for summer.

Funny, depression, when i feel a little less low I question the negativity and causes. Silly really because I can't answer it.

I've also started doing a little yoga and exercise. It has helped me. I feel slightly more energised as the days are going on. I know its early but I needed to write to say I feel a bit more positive and I hope it last.

After all the dark days some light has to shine through. One love to all x

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