Dying to be free (TRIG)
Posted by Hozc
20th Nov 2013

As tears steam down my face, I wonder if you realise the pain you are causing me. I look out of my bedroom window searching for that one ray of light. I desperately reach out to it but end up stumbling forward as I see my hope, my life, my glory being engulfed by you. I hear the raptous laugh as the thunder bellows and the lighting crashes all around me. Every shape and sound my mind conjures up reverbrates like poisionus words thrown as daggers towards me. I haev nowhere to look, nowhere to be. You are now me as I am you.

"Ungrateful, spoilt, attention-seeking b**ch" comes hurtling towards me like a moth to a flame. My already beaten down soul involuntarily welcomes the accolade. Comparable to a bees need for honey is the nauseous toxic taste your words bring. You may sit there with a smirk across your face, but I sit there with anger seeping through my veins.

I pause temporaily, my blurry vision taking in the damage you have caused. The shock you first ignited in me is now no more than a sullen acceptance. Resembling a tattoo fanatic are the extensive sporadic and meaningful cuts engrave din my arm. My repeatedly inscribed initials are constant reminders of the worhtless fialure that I am. Only the sight of blood glistening off my beloved 5 inch nail scossors fill me with elation. Minutes of built up unberable and disgraceful emotions finally run free.

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