Dear Depression - a goodbye letter to an old friend
Posted by dirkgently1066
4th Nov 2013

Dear Depression,

Unfortunately I think it is time we said goodbye. This has been a difficult decision to reach but I really think it is for the best.

You have been with me through all the most important times in my life; were with me at university, when you stole my confidence and made me feel inadequate... were with me on nights out when you made me feel worthless and unlovable... were with me at work when you made me think I was a failure, no matter how hard I tried... were with me all those times I started to feel happy, to remind me what a pathetic loser I was... were with me when my children were born, to remind me that I suck as a father too and my kids will grow up to hate me... were with me throughout my life, reminding me what an under achiever I am and what a waste my life has been... were with me when I was at my lowest, to drive the last remaining shreds of confidence away, to isolate me from my friends, to make me feel like I was a complete and utter failure...

...and you were with me when I realised I needed help. Which was when I went to The Priory.

It was there I learnt that you hadn't been such a good friend after all. It was a rather one sided relationship; I gave my energy, my confidence, my self belief and you took them all and jumped up and down on them until they had been stamped into the mud. I thought I had seen the last of you.

But even after I left The Priory, there you were, knocking on the door trying to come back in. You were there to remind me that I would never find a job, that I was fat, that I would never be happy. You were there to tell me that my writing sucks, that my hopes of being published were an unattainable dream. You were there to remind me that I was a failure, just in case I forgot.

So thank you for everything you have done for me; for showing me how far I had fallen; for inspiring me to seek help; for giving me the opportunity to look into myself and understand.

But now it's time to say goodbye.

And I hope to never see you again.

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