Maybe, just maybe there is hope
Posted by Trev-kent
8th Sep 2013

Hi all
Ok, so here I am - staying at my Dad's because my wife can no longer manage my depression. I don't blame her at all. She gave everything, and it wasn't enough. We have two small children and my mood was impacting them as well. The last few months have been a living nightmare. I've been in hospital, made several plans to end my life, and gone awol on a number of occasions. Last week I ended up in hospital again, but was referred to the Crisis Resolution Team who monitor my progress at my Dad's.
I have now along with depression, been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. This could tip me over, but actually I am so glad to find this out because now I can work on this and get better. My depression came from nowhere and people were scratching their heads to try and understand why I am like this.
But now I can work harder than ever to get better. Yes I have bad days - really bad days, but I cope and if I feel low, I look in the mirror or a shop window and see this man looking back. And you know, he's not a bad looking guy and, actually, there is a smile in his eyes.
It won't be easy recovering, and I have some heavy days ahead, and I may not have much of a family left, but I will get better. For me. I will get better for me. By the way, next week I am going to start looking for my own place to live. Independence is something I need. Thanks for reading everyone.

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