History repeats in an unending circle
Posted by Daisy Duke
29th Aug 2013

My parents, 32 years ago, began the hell that was my life. That's from when I remember it. And I am now 40 years old and they are STILL behaving the same way and I still feel like crap. I was thinking that it is them that havent learnt from the past and that they are the ones repeating history over and over again but is it actually me that is not learning? Is it me that does the same thing, do I not learn?

It is so difficult to completely divorce your parents out of your life. That tiny shred of guilt or that tiny shred of hope sitting on your shoulder like a devil. I want to love my parents, I want them to be my friends, I want their support but this is never going to happen. Never. So why do I go on and on, well I guess because of the little devil on my shoulder.

Thank you SANE for being here.

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