I don't like Mondays
Posted by just-jennifer
5th Aug 2013

I don't like Mondays by the Boomtown Rats was the first single I ever bought. Ironically, I have gone on to really not like Mondays! Today I find myself feeling suicidal on a rainy Monday in Liverpool. Just discovered this website and am hoping it will save my life. Truly...I mean that. I feel so down and lonely at the moment that I could so easily take my own life. I feel like this regularly, and Monday seems to be my worst day. Therefore, I am going to add to this blog every Monday in the hope that it will make my Mondays a bit happier and give me something to look forward to.

I have suffered from depression on and off since childhood. Have recently been placed in the support group (miracle) and get Employment Support Allowance. Been assessed by the crisis team at my local hospital and put on the waiting list for counselling (a years wonderful. not) It seems mental health is the first area to be hit by the recent Government cuts. I can't understand why. They are VITAL! Why do I have to wait at least a year to see someone? If I had a broken leg, would I be expected to wait a year to have it re-set? No. So why wait with a mental health problem and suffer and grow worse in the meantime? That is the situation I am in and it's not fair.

Yes, I know life isn't fair. Have found out the hard way that this is the case. But I am at the end of my tether. I am so alone and lonely. I try to nurture and take care of myself as much as possible. I try to be positve amidst so much angst. It is not easy and I take each day at a time. Today I am taking each hour at a time and hoping I make it till tomorrow...Tuesday. Will I make it? Don't know yet. Fingers crossed, I will be back next Monday adding to this blog. Wish me luck....I need it. xxx

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