Pathway through the Mist
Posted by redchrysalis
26th Jul 2013

This has been a whole life journey, one that I have only taken by the scruff in the last few years because it was to be the death of me.
I have struggled with a cold comfort and fearful childhood, bullied and abused, I have married a man who has beaten me down emotionally to within an inch of my life. I have been brought back from the brink of mental and physical collapse, and have spent 4 years wading through the quagmire to be free.
I no doubt have more years to go to put the depression, anxiety, PTSD, selective mutism and somatoform pain disorder behind me. I am so grateful for all the support from my several therapists, domestic abuse outreach workers, and police liaisons, as well as GPs and mental health team.
I have written prolific journals over the last few years, while I was living with my abusive and alcoholic husband, of the fear, of the guilt, of the doom, of the Stockholm Syndrome, of the effects on my children and me,of how I became a hermit in my little bedroom, and now of the fresh air and sunshine.
Well, it's there at last, but I still don't see it......
I will tell you what I can bare to share- stay with me...

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