Why Rhiannon is running the British 10K to support better mental health
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19th Jun 2013

Rhiannon's Story

Rhiannon is part of SANE’s Fundraising Team, and is a first time runner:

“When I was in primary school, my dad stopped going to work. I remember at the time I was told he was suffering from stress. There were job breaks, changes and days when he didn’t get out of bed. I didn’t really know what was happening.

Of course I now know my dad has depression. It came and went through different points of my childhood, and my parents tried to keep most of it from me. As an adult, I can now see the signs and moments where the Black Dog reared its head.

There wasn’t a rhyme or reason for it – but that’s what mental illness is like. There doesn’t have to be a reason for it to strike. My dad tells me now he was lucky – he had a brilliant support network through his GP and workplace, and still has a great support network when depression strikes. But that sadly isn’t always the case, and not everyone has that support around them. That’s where SANE comes in, providing that support for anyone 365 days a year.

I’ve been at SANE for over a year now, and in that time I’ve been inspired by the strength and experiences of our supporters. I’m not a runner, and I trip over my own feet at least four times a day. I know this run is going to be a challenge for me, and I’m quite nervous.

But I think that for (hopefully) and hour and half on a Sunday, I can do something I find difficult to help support everyone out there coping with mental illness on a daily basis. I’m proud and excited to be supporting SANE at the British 10K.”

You can support Rhiannon here

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