Why Julian is running the British 10K to support better mental health
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18th Jun 2013

Julian's Story

Julian recently ran the St Albans Half Marathon, and is now taking on the British 10K to support better mental health:

 "I'm running with the SANE team to beat depression.  Literally.

I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression 2 years ago.  I went to my doctor because I was having trouble sleeping and drinking too much, too often and too regularly. Classic signs apparently. Having tried various forms of medication and talk therapy I found that I felt best when I was exercising regularly, and in order to take regular exercise I need a goal - but that's just me. I'm just not one to get up and run 3 miles every morning.

Having run my local Half Marathon before I decided that was a good training goal for this year and I signed up in January. Last year I raised money for a charity called Unique (the rare chromosome disorder support group) - a charity that two of my university friends have turned to for support for their beautiful little boy. This year I wanted to make a difference for a charity that helps people like me and I chose SANE.  Having already set up my sponsorship page for my Half Marathon they then announced they were looking for volunteers to run in their team for the British 10k - it seemed the logical next step - I already had a page set up AND it gave me a reason to carry on running once my half marathon was done and dusted - I ran it in 1 hour 57 minutes, by the way, beating my target of 2 hours and I was very happy to achieve that time.

Training has been good for me. I have enjoyed the discipline of getting my training runs in - simply getting back into training  and having a clear purpose. Getting out and running through the British countryside is a great experience and helps clear my mind of all the past-ridden clutter that weighs it down and I can just appreciate the "here and now".  It's also a great source of much better natural happy drugs than anything I can get by prescription - I honestly do believe that.  Part of my basis for that belief is that my last major depressive episode occurred when I was suffering from very severe shin splints and was unable to run for most of March (I stupidly used my old trainers rather than the ones I had been running in all year). Once
I started running again (and coincidentally the sun finally put it's hat on) I felt so much better. I started taking positive action and 2013 suddenly seemed like it might be a different year.  It's still looking that way although it takes daily focus.

Running isn't for everybody, and I'm still not convinced it's for me.  I certainly don't think my knees could take 26 miles of pounding. I quite fancy a different kind of challenge next year - the London to Brighton bicycle ride perhaps - any takers?"

You can support Julian here

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