Why the Holdoms are running the British 10K to support better mental health
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18th Jun 2013

The Holdoms' Story

Georgina, Jamie, Louise and Victoria are all supporting SANE and running for better mental health:

“A close relation of ours suffered from mental illness last year and unfortunately did not seek the help he needed to get better. This resulted in a sad end to his story. We would like to stop current and future cases of mental illness sufferers from ending their stories and encourage them to get the support they need to get better.

There are many different opinions and perceptions of mental illness around Britain and the world, and some people can be embarrassed with the association, but by increasing awareness, hopefully those embarrassments and fears will decrease and more people will realize that it is something that can happen to anyone for any number of reasons. We have seen how mental illness can come out of nowhere and affect someone who has always been the life and soul of everything.

By running for SANE in the 10k race in London this summer, and by raising money and awareness from sponsorship in the months running up to the race, we hope that we can help more people out there to seek the support that they need to make a difference to their lives.

We would be thrilled to learn of just one case that we have helped, but hope that from our effort in the last few months, we can continue to help more and more people across the country to seek and to get support for their struggle.

With love, from the Holdoms”

You can support the Holdoms here

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