Sense of rejection
Posted by Without-Hope
12th Jun 2013

I have always felt a sense of rejection when it comes to people even when I was a child because I was made to feel as if I was completely inferior to other people because I wasn't as smart,cute,skinny etc.Even to this day I feel as if I'm not good enough and I will never be good enough no matter how hard I try so why bother trying to compete ? I have never told anyone I know about how I feel because I don't want anyone knowing how insecure I am and how unhappy I really am because I don't want to be pitied.I know that I'm probably going to feel this way the rest of my life but it's just going to keep getting worse if nothing is done.

I understand that I'm never going to be one of those carefree happy people who has everything work out for them so I don't really have any of those false dreams blinding me to the truth but I can still dream right ? I'm trying so hard to find the positive in things yet it's just becoming harder and harder for me to do (I guess some people would say that I'm not trying hard enough huh)

Every site I'm on I think that I'm just annoying people with my constant negativity (in most cases I'm right) but I can't hold it against people because I know that it can get annoying and I know that they are probably sick of their back teeth of me being in a constant downward spiral to.

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