Sometimes I think I can cope
Posted by Without-Hope
12th Jun 2013

Sometimes I think I can cope with my depression/social phobia etc but other times I think that it's going to take complete control of me and consume me completely.I have tried to get help and I have tried to confide in friends but I feel as if I'm just annoying people or that I'm just wasting their time which makes the guilt so much worse.I have tried being optimistic but it's an uphill struggle when I feel this bad everyday of my life but I cannot remember feeling any different even when I was younger I guess I just always felt hopeless.

I have done everything I was ever told to do by health care professionals like writing things down,talking to others,meds etc but nothing has ever helped me so in the end I gave up trying to get help which of course wasn't the smartest thing I have ever done.

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