Stepping outside
Posted by Loriannas
11th Jun 2013

Now, I'm not one to talk of light or happyness, However....

I stepped outside today into the light of the sun and closed my eyes, i took in the warmth of the sun on my cold skin and the refreshing light breeze through my hair, the sound of childrens distant laughter and the scent of the world.

Though the sun hurts my eyes, it was my first time outside in five days, I always lock myself in a cold dark room 24/7, it is rare I see the sun or feel the wind. Because I know the world soely to be dark and full of bad things
But for the first time in my life..
I find myself longing to start my life new.
To finaly turn a page of a book I had been stuck on for maybe faar too long
Yet I ponder on a simplistic question....

How long will this feeling last?

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