More harm than good??
Posted by Daisy Duke
24th May 2013

So recently I have been on a bit of an even keel, I'm back at work and my mood has improved. Unfortunately, as with most of us humans, I still endeavour to seek out 'my path' or desired fulfilment in this life. Hence starting to listen to Podcasts on spirituality and inner peace. Initially I found these podcasts to be extremely helpful and calming and I thought 'wow - I've found something here that's going to change my life'. However as time has gone on and I've listened to more of them I found that I began to feel a bit distressed by what the person was saying. Telling me to just 'sit and be' to empty my mind of all thoughts and sit and be in the moment. That this is where I would find peace, happiness, joy and my heart's desire. One podcast was a talk with this chap and he was talking about not planning for the future but to just live in the actual moment and make that moment sort of perfect. But surely you have to plan things so you know what you're looking forward to etc...

Anyways I basically started to find this practice detrimental to my mental wellbeing and think I will cease listening which is a shame as initially I thought they were so helpful.

I think people who recognize they have a mental health condition need to be very careful what they experiment with thinking that it will help them. If you experiment with some kind of alternate therapy or religion or whatever and it makes you feel worse recognize this and walk away from it.

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