broken but not out
Posted by pinkhippychick
16th May 2013

I am the sort of girl who lives mostly in her mind, there i think fantastic,happy,sad,spiritual,million and one thoughts about life the universe and everything else. i find daily conversations boring, i look deep and think deep and want to talk about peoples thoughts,dreams and how they see life, not about soaps,and every day life. my life has never been easy, i admit im broken,from a very young age every person that i had contact with broke me and like a mirror that has shattered in to a thousand pieces, you can glue the pieces back together with hope and faith but they dont fit just as they did before, you have gaps and jagged edges that wont ever go back to being whole again, but i have accepted that THIS IS ME now i have no big hang ups any more, i left behind the should haves,could haves and realised that im a puzzle with many depths,i love too hard i cry too hard, i feel great joy and great sorrow i have bipolar but bipolar is just a name the docters give out for a Personality that FEELS way much more than the average person. i bruise to easily mentally, people can say things that go straight to my heart and mind, i have great empathy for humanity, but i have learned to toughen up, and in the toughening up i still felt sorrow for having to let a natural piece of me fall away but it was the only way to survive in a world which has gone too hard and in my opinion crazy(smiles). my solace is books, i love to read books that opens my mind, i am reading books at the moment by egder cayce,i can loose my self in them and they feel right, i believe we are much more than our bodies and minds and i think thats what keeps me fighting to wake up every day and to Continual to live despite it all.

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