A tale of 2 people
Posted by cbubble
25th Apr 2013

Since I was young, I knew I was different. Early signs were believing I had a deeper understanding of things that others. I thought this was just a heightened intuition. I began self harm when i was a young teenager. I was always sheltered from drink and drugs while i lived at home. When I went to University, a whole new world opened up to me. I drank heavily, first of all binge drinking, which turned into drinking most days. I can remember one day in particular : I was heavily in debt ( due to my impulsive shopping habits) and I have a five pound note. I had a choice : buy food or buy wine. I bought wine. I was taken to hospital after a self harm episode and had to see a psychiatric nurse. I had one one hour session, then it was never pursued. My moods steadily fluctuated between being hyper and excited, feeling creative, having big plans, not sleeping but being happy. Then I would crash back down and not leave bed, not wash or dress or eat, just stare at the walls. It is only now, at 33 ( I was first diagnosed with depression at 19) that I am being referred to a psychiatrist to consider if I have bipolar disorder. I don't even have a diagnosis, but it's a relief to know that someone is trying to help me.

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