So tired but not giving up!
Posted by Daisy Duke
19th Apr 2013

I refuse to give into this persistent demon that sits on my flippin shoulder, nagging me, suffocating me, undermining me and confusing me. Fighting it is what makes me so tired I think. It would be so easy to sit and watch my life just slip through my fingers but I think I would regret that in a few years time. The difficulty at the moment is such confusion but thanks to 3 close family members, who have been so open and honest with me, I am beginning to figure things out - make a small plan to move forward.

I'm scared. I am nearly 40 years old and I don't want my life to be some sort of failure or regret. I want to have goals that I can achieve, achieve things I can be proud of. After speaking to my mum yesterday it has suddenly dawned on me that the things I have deemed important may not be so. I have always felt that a successful career that you enjoy was the way to go. And education, courses, qualifications - so you could say 'Hey look at this!'. Of course with mental illness this can be difficult to achieve.

So I'm having a ponder, how to re-evaluate what I can achieve, what I can be proud of, look forward to and go out and conker! Perhaps it would be good if you could share what you have gone out and achieved in the face of mental illness instead of career and qualifications. I for one would be really grateful if you would.

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