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16th Apr 2013

Still Here Magazine, Schizophrenia, Psychosis and Other Stories

I remember hearing a 'joke' about schizophrenia a while back.

'You're never alone with schizophrenia.'

It was true of me, I had a voice that didn't leave me alone for a year and I know it can also be true of other sufferers. However, not being alone doesn't mean you can't be lonely. Even with a myriad of voices, a sufferer can be so lonely.

I created Still Here magazine to try and reduce the loneliness that so many sufferers feel. It is also here to help educate others to how life really is with schizophrenia, psychosis and other mental illnesses. I would love for it to help play a part in the battle against stigma too, but I know this is a long battle!

The magazine is completely free to download with no sign up required. Issues can be printed off and shared freely. The first issue has just been released and is available on the website. I am about to start working on Issue 2.

I need contributors for the magazine as publishing this monthly will be a mammoth task to do alone. The magazine is mainly about schizophrenia and psychosis but I do include pieces about mental health in general, such as how to get the best from your doctor when you have a mental health diagnosis. I would also love to run pieces from those who work in mental health and those who care for someone with a mental illness.

The magazine can be found at and on Twitter @StillHereMag If you would like to contact me to contribute or for any other reason, my email address is on the website.

Please help me make the magazine a success!

Katy Gray

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