Hello! In short- 17 GAD and self harm.
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15th Apr 2013

Hello there! Please excuse me, I am new to this website. Hello to anyone (if anyone is) that may be reading this.
I have always been a really anxious, jumpy panicky person. The worst part for me is that I feel like I have no real reason for feeling like this! Within the last, let's say about 6-9 months, I've been feeling this pressure push down on me more than ever, and I gave in. My mom made me go to the doctors due to my constant tearing, stress, anger and anxiousness. The doctor gave me some forms to fill in, to while I answer both with pretty high scores. However she diagnosed me with GAD- Generalised Anxiety Disorder.
On the outside, I'm fine. I eat enough, have a nice home with loving parents and family... but on the inside I feel completely different. I feel like an empty shell, worthless, and pathetic for feeling so nearby all the time. Confident people just take the mick out of me constantly, they don't understand how I feel or why I'm like the way I am. In general I'm a pretty shy and reclusive person until you've earned my trust.
My best friend, "N" was also diagnosed with GAD and Clinical depression a few months prior to me. I love talking to her, she understands how I feel. She has a mood chart which I use too- "great, good, okay, okayish, bad." It's a good way to sum up simply how I feel.
So that's enough for one night! I'll try my best to keep updating if people read this.... Stay strong everyone!
Kim xxxxxxxxx

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