living the lie
Posted by nell
30th Mar 2013

I got up this morning, came downstairs in my pyjamas and walked into my kitchen. It was like a bomb had exploded. I walked to the patio windows and pulled the blind down, I did the same with the kitchen window... I could imagine the bedlam that would have been here less than an hour ago, my husband sorting breakfast and school lunches before the final push of getting the kids to school and getting himself to work. I managed to find a cup and.made a strong black coffee. I padded into the lounge and sat down, exhausted by poor sleep. How was I going to get through another day......I laughed ironically, because believe it or not I don't have depression. . husband does. But I too have to live with it, and so do my children. And everyday is so hard. I am terrified of his hopeless days.....and even more terrified of his happy days because I know how hard his "crash and burn" day will be when the sadness returns. Where do I
go for help :-(

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