SANE Newsletter March 2013
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27th Mar 2013

Introducing our new Text Care service...

We are excited to present Text Care, an important, new service providing emotional support via text message. People can receive personal care messages at any time of day or night, whenever help is most needed.

Find out more about Text Care >

Do you want to see the coolest Harlem Shake around?!

Of course you do! Well brace yourselves ladies and gentlemen!

To make this happen, please donate £3 toward better mental health. Our virtual community is now so strong, that if just 1 in 4 of our lovely online followers does this, it would raise an amazing £5,000! When this goal is reached, 500 more people will be able to receive compassionate care. To celebrate this achievement, SANE staff have pledged to perform an exclusive (and amazing) Harlem Shake that is guaranteed to be memorable. Please get your friends involved too; ask them to like our Facebook page, share posts and make their £3 contribution!

The SANE Facebook page now features a brand new donate button, making it easier than ever to participate. Of course, you can also text SANE to 70300 or use the SANE website.

Spread the word, and we will get our dancing shoes ready!

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What depression means to you

This month we asked people how they would describe depression in just one sentence. We were overwhelmed by the number of responses. There were more than 100 comments describing feelings, experiences and insights on depression. SANE supporter Kim said depression was "a big dark blanket that smothers you, devoiding you of your ability to see any light, hope or reason." Other metaphors included: 'being in a fog', 'a black cloud', 'numbness' and 'darkness'.

Sincere thanks to everyone who participated. If you would like to share further insights, please get in touch via Facebook or Twitter.

Be inspired by our brand new fundraising pack!

Please take a look at our brand new fundraising pack, full of ideas, tools and tips to help you get involved in improving mental health.

For a limited time only, we are giving away a free SANE wristband to everyone who organises or participates in a fundraising activity. Get your fundraising pack today by contacting the fundraising team on 0207 422 5544 or

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