The black dog should f"" o""
Posted by russell84
26th Mar 2013

I struggle with depression and have done for a good few years now. I find that i can control it if i can control my life. So i can't control it if im depressed. That paradox is life with depression. I some times thing that im making it all up and that if i just could get up in the morning and behave myself and go out there and start lifing my life like NORMAL people then i would be fine. I could set goals and acheive things like all the other people that are normal and haven't got depression and suffer from these silly panic attacks that are all in my head and im just making it up for attention and i should be glad to have what i have and so on and so forth that is my head everyday. But no i can't i hate being like this i hate that i cant be around people i dont know that i feel down half the time and scared the other half that im failing to find any potiantal that the black dog is wining but i try. I try so hard and i still feel like it is winning soicety is still not there with mental health.

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