Posted by JekkylAndHyde
6th Mar 2013 is my first initial appointment for my Bi Polar. After being admitted to Springfield Mental Health Hospital in 2009 with Psychosis I honestly thought my time with Mental Health issues had passed little did I know......

After looking for a Job for years I finally found one in October 2012...Only to be sacked 4 weeks later. So here I am. A single Mum with a 9 Year old Daughter battling my Demons.

I just can't explain what is going on. Suicidal thoughts plague me. My family are clueless as they're all busy.

So its me and my Brain alone to battle.

I've always said my mental health issues are like my fags and my phone. Never far from me....What's it like to be normal?? To go a week or two without wondering who would care for your child if one day you decide to act on your Suicidal feelings.


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