Notes Towards The Voyage From Me To You
Posted by John Garth Raubenheimer
14th Jan 2013

Maybe it's just the January blues, but I am full off misgivings as the year gets underway. Full of regrets too. So many memories of people I let down, and a shadow falls as I think of ways I'm still falling short in my dealings with friends, family and even relative strangers, who can be said to be a sort of collateral damage.

I have to give myself a shake. This WILL be a good year. Some relatives are coming to England this month, from a sunnier clime, so the company denied me over Christmas was merely company deferred... I will shortly ask SANE for a fund-raising pack, and will try to have some poetry readings lined up from May - The Voyage From Me To You will begin. And today it's snowing! As a South African, who only once in his childhood saw snow I love the first white fall, before the ice becomes treacherous.

Is there a metaphor for a good start to 2013, hiding in the marvelous reality-changing, virgin snow? Perhaps I won't have to go too far to find one... Happy New Year, All!

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