In the genes?
Posted by Hoodsman
23rd Dec 2012

I'm 48 now and a pattern of good health followed by dramatic dips (sometimes years) into poor mental health has emerged. I still persist in trying to work out what went 'wrong' in the last relationship or why I had to give up work.

I firmly believe that part of the cause of my relapsing into poor mental health lies within the genes I inherited-a number of close family members took their own lives. This does not deny the responsibility for my actions but does in some small way explain my unnatural responses to everyday events. It is true you cannot choose your parents or the social/economic conditioning experienced in childhood. However I find it difficult letting go of strategies for coping that served me well as a child but hinder attempts to be more mature in adult life.

Occasionally I wonder if I am a man out of his timezone! The pace of life, technological advances coupled with a Western philosophy of self-definition through possession of things seems to rule the world. I just want a clear head, no intrusive, automatic thoughts holding me hostage.

So I thank my ancestors for passing down the good stuff and try to ignore, distract the negative.

There is so much informative and useful info for those of us with mental health issues, I guess it's about using the most appropriate remedy at the opportune time-not easy when my head has "gone off-line."

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